Steidzama vizīte

no 30 līdz € 70


Konsultācijas laikā tiek veikta profesionāla apskate ar RVG izmeklējumu pēc nepiecešamības, pacientam tiek piedāvāti dažādi ārstēšanas risinājumi.  


Papildpakalpojumi: kompleksa ārstēšanas plāna sastādīšana, diagnostika pēc RVG, 3D un diagnostiskiem veiduļiem € 100.00

€ 78

         Hygiene is a procedure of teeth cleaning which includes taking off the tartar and plaque with ultrasonic scaler and manual instruments, pigment removal with airflow (soda blasting), teeth polishing, preventive treatment with Fluoride varnish applications, GUM 'Pocket' periodontal treatment.

         Additional costs: anesthesia if required €12.00 

Intensive Fluoride treatment to sensitive areas €12.00 Additional visit to hygienist in case you have a lot of tartar will cost €50.00


         For the prevention and preservation of healthy teeth in the future, It is necessary to do oral hygiene twice a year. 

A timely visit to the hygienist will help You reduce the cost of tooth treatment in the future!

Teeth whitening


From 115 to 322 €

                In our clinic we offer two types of teeth whitening: „In office” and home whitening.


„In office”

               This type of whitening Is made by a specialist on the spot. At first, the gum is isolated since whitening occurs with the help of high concentration bleaching agent. The teeth is covered with a special bleaching agent and it works without the use of additional funds. By this method of whitening it is possible to make teeth on average 3-5 tones lighter. The result of bleaching by the "In office" method lasts about 12 months.


“Opalesence Boost” (1session) € 190.00-280.00€

„Pola office” (1 session)  € 115-322


Teeth whitening at home


               For home whitening, we advise bleaching agents of a weaker concentration to protect the consumer. Individual caps are made for each patient. The patient, together with the doctor, selects the appropriate bleaching agent. The whitener is filled in a cap and put on the patients jaw. The time and frequency of holding the cap depends on the chosen bleaching agent. With the help of a cap, you can lighten your teeth for about 3-5 tones. The result of whitening with caps, strips lasts approximately 6-12 months.

It is required first to come to the consultation and teeth examination – it is forbidden to bleach untreated teeth or teeth with old restorations, which are not close enough adjoined to the teeth. During the consultation, the possible effect of whitening is estimated for individual patient, and whether it will correspond to the desired result, then the bleaching method is chosen.

Whitening cap for one jaw 115 €

Pola night small 10% or 16% (price for one syringe) € 17.00