Clinic 33.Zobs

Dental clinic

Clinic 33. zobs was open in Riga in 2000 and complies with all modern demands of stomatology in European Union. Clinic has the most stringent standards of sterilisation (vacuum autoclave). We also use safe x-ray equipment which allow medics to accomplish their job with great accuracy by doing the most complicated operations like root canal treatment, bone augmentation, sinus lift, implantation etc.

Team of specialists is working in different sectors of dentistry: pediatric dentistry, prosthetics, implantation, aesthetic dentistry, endodontic therapy  and surgery. Regular attendance of international exhibitions and congresses allows physicians operatively to use scientific discoveries and advanced materials in the working process.

Dental services

  • Utilising modern equipment and safe x-rays for perfect accuracy and high treatment qualityRegular update of new technologies introduced and materials from the best manufacturers used

  • Widest range of services: aesthetic dentistry, endodontic therapy,  prosthetics, implantation, surgery

  • Convenient placement of clinic in a center of city  

  • Wi-Fi access.

For patients from abroad there is an opportunity to use an online consultation and learn about possible treatment options, discuss treatment plan and get a professional advice.
Clinic’s administration will help you with the accommodation and will try to make your medical visit enjoyable.


Dental treatment


from  € 35 to € 65


During the consultation, the patient is given a full examination of the oral cavity, if necessary, control x-rays are taken (RVG) as well as options for treatment are discussed. Additional service: Preparation of a comprehensive treatment plan after the diagnosis of RVG, 3D and diagnostic models € 126.00

Emergency Dentistry

from € 40 to 150

At Clinic 33.zobs, we are fully equipped to handle your dental emergency, with expertise, the proper dental instruments and precise dental treatments. In addition to handling the technical side of dental emergencies, we also provide a comforting setting with an understanding staff dedicated to your wellbeing.

3D X-ray
From € 3 to € 80

It is possible to make 3D X-ray at our clinic:

One jaw  €69

Two jaws €80

One quarter € 46

Panoramic x-ray €35

Dental Fillings

from € 52 to € 115


A dental restoration and dental filling is a dental restorative material used artificially to restore the function, integrity and shape of missing tooth structure. The structural loss typically results from cavities or external trauma. An X-ray and local anesthesia are included in the price of the treatment. The seal for one tooth on several surfaces can cost up to € 115.00


€ 78

We offer taking off the tartar and plaque with ultrasonic scaler and manual instruments, pigment removal with airflow (soda blasting), teeth polishing, preventive treatment with Fluoride varnish applications.


Additional costs: anesthesia if required €12.00 Intensive Fluoride treatment to sensitive areas €12.00 Additional visit to hygienist in case you have a lot of tartar will cost €50.00 (ашкые 70)

Teeth whitening

from €52 to € 350


  • Whitening with “Opalescence Boost” 1 session € 190

  • Set for whitening at home (graves + bleach) € 350

Root Canal Treatment

from €80 to € 370


A root canal procedure is usually recommended after other dental treatment options have been considered. It is a treatment that is used to save a tooth from extraction, an absolute last-resort option at our practice. Root canals are common in cases where large cavities have done too much damage to fix with a tooth-colored filling or dental crown.

Fully cured tooth with 1 root can cost up to € 185.00, and a 3 root tooth up to € 370.00 Price includes: anesthesia, X-ray, medication, and canal cleaning and filling and sealing off.

Treatment / re-treatment of dental canals with a microscope is possible.

Teeth treatment for children

from 15 to € 58


Many parents do not realize that the first visit to the dentist should happen right after the first tooth erupts. Getting your child used to regular visits to the dentist for dental care treatments is important in establishing a foundation for lifelong healthy oral care. At Clinic 33.zobs you will find a child-friendly, relaxing atmosphere with a team that loves kids and has the skills to make even the most apprehensive child feel right at home.


Hygiene for children, depending on the

condition of teeth € 40 - € 58.00

Milk tooth extraction € 17.00

Treatment of milk tooth € 20.00 - € 55.00

Tooth extraction

from € 25 to € 150


The price of removal depends on the complexity of the procedure. Anesthesia is included in the price. So the removal of the periodontal tooth is € 30.00, the one-root - € 55.00, and the removal of the retouched eighth tooth (wisdom tooth) can reach € 150.00

Dental Implants

from € 1455 to € 1900


There are 2 phases in getting an implant-supported restoration. Phase 1 involves the surgical placement of the dental implant. After healing, phase 2 involves the fabrication of the tooth (crown). The usual minimum healing period is 4 months for the lower jaw, and 6 months for the upper jaw. Until then, temporary teeth are placed. Implant price depends on your chosen implant brand:
ICX (1 unit) € 690
Straumann (1 unit) € 1000

Certified dentists-implantologists of our clinic:

Oļegs Košikevičs

Kalvis Asarīts

Dental Crowns

from € 380 to € 1127


Based on patient's request, crowns can be made from various materials:

Metal-ceramic crown € 380 - € 465

Zirconia crown € 575

Veneer € 575.00

Crown for implant (various materials) € 765- € 1127

Dental preparation can also be performed with a microscope.



Years of Experience


Smiling  Clients


Master Certifications


Happy Staff


Dr. Oleg Koshikevich

Dr. Koshikevich is a certified dentist with a vast background in oral surgery.
Dr. Koshikevich specialises in surgical dentistry, implantation, therapy, endodontics (specialist in root canal treatments), aesthetic restoration and prosthetics.
Dr. Koshikevich regularly attends international dental conferences providing the highest level of dental care to his patients.

Dentist, therapist, surgeon, prosthetist and implantologist

dr. Oļegs Košikevičs

Dr. Uldis Saukans

Dr. Saukans is a certified dentist with great experience in oral medicine, that will help you choose an appropriate personalised treatment plan.
Dr. Saukans specialises in a wide range of services including dental treatment, oral medicine, dental surgery, implantation and prosthetics.

Dentist, therapist, surgeon, implantologist and prosthetist  

dr. Uldis Saukāns

Dr. Anita Bergmane

Dr. Bergmane is a certified dentist for adults and children with many years of experience, providing the highest level of dental care to her patients. 
Specialization: Therapy (dental treatment), endodontics (root canal treatment) and aesthetic restoration. 

Therapist and children's dentist

  dr. Anita Bergmane

Experience and certification

Dr. Kalvis Asarits

Dr. Asarits is certified dentist specializing in dental therapy, endodontic therapy (root canal therapy), oral surgery, tooth extraction, implantation and denture. 
Dedicated to staying on top of the most recent developments in dentistry, Dr. Asarits is regularly attending dental conferences worldwide, speaks english, latvian, russian.

Dentist, herapist, surgeon, prosthetist and implantologist 

dr. Kalvis Asarīts

Hygienist Anna Garkule Gurevicha

In 2015, Anna Garkule Gurevicha graduated from Riga 1st Medical College with a professional qualification as a dental nurse. From 2018 she studied at Riga Stradina University and in 2020 he obtained the qualification of a dental hygienist.

Certified dental hygienist.


Dr. Nikolai Matilevich

Certified dentist.

Specialization: prosthetics, therapeutic dentistry, endodontics, esthetic restoration of teeth and prosthetics using a microscope, to increase work efficiency.

Нe use the latest technologies and devices in his work. Supplement the knowledge in international and local training with better specialists.

Communicates easily with people, provides comprehensive information about the course of treatment, maximizing involvement in the treatment process.


Hygienist Elīna Kruzina

Graduated from Riga 1st Medical College in 2012. Obtained secondary professional education in the qualification of a dental nurse. In 2012-2014 he studied at Riga Stradini University. Obtained 1st level professional higher education in the qualification of dental hygienist.

Certified dental nurse.

Certified dental hygienist.



Dinara Daniela Klepere

Labākā dakterīte Anita Bergmane

Михаил Карпов

Лечимся с женой, очень профессиональный,отзывчивый и добродушный коллектив, начиная с администратора заканчивая доктором - заведующим клиникой, вообщем хотите лечить зубки в свое удовольствие - идите в 33.zobs.

Олегс Трм

По рекомендации друга, я тут нашёл замечательную команду специалистов! 😘 Наконец-то, я начал ходить к стоматологу как на праздник или как в зубной SPA! 😉

Ivo Vancāns

100% individuāla pieeja pacientam un problēmai

Ольга Ив

Мне Кошикевич очень нравится, приятный, рука легкая и детей к нему водила хоть и платно. А вот у Кальвиса Асаритса ... думала мне голову оторвет, сделал хоть и хорошо, но нет той легкости и бережности как у Кошикевича


33.Zobs, dr. Uldis идеальный. Вчера была у него, вообще теперь не боюсь. Все 2-3 раза проверит. Очень внимательный.

Anna Gribuška

Uldis. Super ārsts. Jau kādus 20 gadus ejam pie viņa. Nemainītu ne uz vienu citu

Aleksander Kušpit

Paldies Oļegam Košiķevičam! ​ Sirsnīgs paldies augstas klases speciālistam Oļegam Košikevičam par veikto operāciju un manu sekmīgu ārstēsanu! Esmu pateicīgs Jums par cilvēcisku pieeju un pretīmnākšanu. Vēlreiz milzīgs Jums paldies par profesionālu darbu, sapratni un dzīves kvalitātes atgriešanu. Paldies jums Oļegs Košiķevičs! ​ Ar cieņu Aleksander Kušpit ​​

Evija Ercmane

Lielisks serviss! Vīrs vakarā nolauza zobu. Uzrakstīju e-pastu, jo klīnikas darba laiks jau bija beidzies. Jau pēc pāris minūtēm atskanēja zvans un aicinājums jau nākamajā dienā nākt pie zobārsta!

Patrīcija Rozenfelde

Ļoti jauka un atsaucīga klīnika, izdarīja visu bez sāpēm, ātri un kvalitatīvi :)

Anita Briņķe

Lieliska apkalpošana! Pieņēma pat 10 min. pirms darba laika beigām un salaboja zobiņu pa pirmo!

Imants Buļs

Higiēniste Viktorija Tokareva darbu veic ļoti kvalitatīvi, pagaidām labāku higiēnistu neesmu sastapis. Arī par dr. Ulda Saukāna darbu var teikt tikai to vislabāko. Klīnikai ir paveicies ar tādiem speciālistiem.


First time I visited clinic in 2014, since then once a year I'm returining for check-ups and treatments. Very happy about price and quality.


For 15 years, our family has been loyal the dental clinic 33.zobs. We are glad that the clinic provides such wide range of services, you can do everything in one place.


Although we live in Liepaja our family chooses to visit a dentist in Riga, clinic 33.zobs. We are very satisfied with the quality of medical care.

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Tel: +37167270099

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The dental clinic "33.Teeth" has partially ensured the accessibility of the environment for persons with functional disorders.
By calling 67270099 and informing about functional disorders, we provide access to the clinic.
A call button is provided at the first step of the entrance to allow the patient to call the clinic staff.